It's the magical moment a baby is born!

How would I describe birth? Incredible, amazing, empowering and raw.

To be asked to document it, I feel incredibly privileged and I do not take that lightly. 

We will chat beforehand to work out all the details, where, who, and what so that on the day/night I can do what you have asked of me. I am a mum and have been through labour twice myself so I know what it's like and can assess when you need water, a face washer or some space to just do what you need to. It's also your choice what I do or don't document.

Everything is completely up to you, I am in your birth space.

I offer photos and film so you choose how you would like your birth documented. For more info on what is covered, please contact me x

Milla's birth:

Here is the birth film from Milla's birth (without crowning footage):

Ollie's birth:

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