School photos at home

Is your little one learning from home at the moment?

Are you going to miss out on having school photos taken of your child?

I can help you take your own!

Firstly, I recommend you do this when you and your child are happy and relaxed. If either of you is stressed, this won't work...

Ok so to prepare, you will need a reflector of some sort: One option is to use some foil stuck to a piece of cardboard (A3 size would be best if possible).

Have your child dressed in their school uniform. Make sure your child's face is clean and teeth have been brushed.

Then you need to find a window or door in your house where you can see a lot of light coming through.

Have your child stand in front of the door/window, facing you, and hold the reflector up to bounce the light coming in on to your child's face. If you move it around, you should be able to see where the light is reflecting.

Take the photo on either your camera or if you don't have one, your phone will be ok.

You may need to make some minor adjustments to the photo such as a general lighten as your camera/phone may under-expose, depending on how much light is in the frame. Some more contrast may also need to be applied.

Try out some different poses and have fun!

Here are some of the photos from our "school photo session":

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