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The last day of remote learning

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Today is the last day of remote learning.

When the Victorian Premier announced schools would be going back in late May, I must admit I was excited and relieved! Remote learning wasn’t easy. At the start, we were both excited; it was something new and a chance for me to be involved in what Oliver was learning. A few weeks in and the motivation was going down (especially towards the end of the week).

I started questioning myself – was I helping enough? Too much? What was the perfect balance? We both struggled with perfection. Feeling like I was leaving Amelia out, I thought I was failing her. The balancing act was seemingly impossible but I hope the kids didn’t pick up on my feelings.

I chose to take each day at a time and indeed each task at a time. Some days were hard; really hard. Others we laughed and had fun! Some days we would stay in our PJ's until just before your Google Meet Classroom session. Others we were ready early. It was all about balance.

Now, as we are ending our remote learning journey, I feel a bit sad. Don’t get me wrong, I am not cut out for the whole teaching thing but I will miss my little boy. It feels like when he started in Prep and I missed being involved in what he was doing every day. This time it’s a little different. We have the added worry about Covid-19. I hope the teachers will keep you safe and healthy. I know I can trust they will do the best they can, it’s just hard to let you go again.

And as I sit here with misty eyes, I wanted to shout out to all the parents. I hear you and I am with you. Whether you are happy, excited, nervous or scared. Sending you big (virtual) hugs xx

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