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Life seems to get busier and busier every day. Whether you're working, taxi-ing kids here and there, birthday parties on the weekends, sports practice and games every other day... I get it.


I understand the time and effort as a busy mum to research and book in for a photo/film session and I am here to make the process as quick and easy as possible! 

What if you could hit pause just for one day and just enjoy spending time with your gorgeous family doing whatever it is that you love to do together... It could be reading books in your favourite chair; cooking together; building Lego or going down to the beach for icecreams... Whatever your family love to do, that's what I will capture.

Family Films

A Family Film is a moving, audio keepsake. It is like breathing life into a photograph.

Photographs capture a moment in time, but video gives you the ability to RE-LIVE that moment.

Can you imagine your great grandchildren being able to see how you lived? Your home, how you spent your time with your family?

Family Films take on average between 10 and 20 hours to edit (sometimes even longer) to get the film looking just right. It may seem expensive but the value of your Family Film will increase as the years go by. 

These sessions are super relaxed and the idea is that you ignore me and just enjoy each other's company.

Due to the amount of work that goes into a family film, I only take on a couple of families per month, so you need to book in advance. A deposit is required to secure your date.



The birth of a baby is one of the most powerful moments in life.

Having me there to document this for you means you don't need to worry about missing any moments.

For more information on documenting your birth, click below:

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