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The Experience

Let's face it, not many people say "I can't wait to have my photos taken" (especially husbands in my experience)!

All of my clients walk away from my sessions talking about how easy it was and much fun they had!

My goal is for you to enjoy yourselves and each other on the day of your session. As a busy mum, I know how hard it is to firstly book a session to begin with and then have to get everyone organised on the day, stressing about how the kids will behave and so on.

I like to make the whole experience EASY and FUN! From booking in, to the session itself and then receiving your photos and film. It's surprisingly easy and I am here to help if you have any questions at all. It's the perfect opportunity to switch off the screens and spend some quality family time together, all the while having someone capture the beauty in the every day (that's me)!

So if you want an awesome experience that captures the essence of your family, contact me for more info x

Your Session

Think relaxed, fun and authentic. I like to capture real smiles; not your "say cheese" type but your "this is hilarious and I cannot help laughing" smiles!

Whether we are in your home or out at your favourite beach or park, as long as you are together, spending quality family time together, I guarantee you will enjoy the time together and will love what I create for you! 

Life is about connecting with each other and that's what I capture. In your home, whether you like to play board games, have cuddles on the couch or jump on the trampoline, it will be just perfect however you decide to spend your time. If we are out and about at the beach, the kids might like to explore the rockpools or jump in the waves, I encourage you to just enjoy the time you have with each other and just pretend I am not there.


The best captures are when you don't know I am taking the photos or film; the "in-between" moments where you are fixing your daughter's hair or snuggling your son.

If this sounds like something you would like captured, please get in touch, I would love to chat to you!


Common Questions


What do I wear?

I have no "rules" as such for what you should wear... It's best to avoid black or super dark colours, logos, fluorescent colours and stripes (this creates issues for video). If you have any other questions about this I am happy to help.


Can I choose the music for my film?

I carefully select music based on the family film I create. The music is licenced and ensures the artist who created it is paid for their service. I put a lot of thought into the music chosen for each film.


Do I receive the digital photos from our session?

Yes. All sessions include high resolution digital photos. You will also have access to an online store where you can view your photos on a variety of printed options such as canvases and albums. 

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