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Family Films - Q & A

Q: What are Family Films and why have you started to create them?

A: Family Films are moving, audio keepsakes. Personally, I know one day I will forget how my kids mis-pronounce words, how little they are right now and the way we spend our days together... I also wish I could hear my Oma's voice again... It's so important to me to be able to capture all of that and more for families.


Q: How do you know what to capture?

A: Every family that books with me fills in a questionnaire so I can get to know you all and the important things to you and your family. This could be the curls in your daughter's hair, or the way your son confesses his love for you. It could also be a special heirloom from your grandma. It's different for every family.


Q: How long will you spend with my family on the day of our session?

A: That depends on what we are doing. If we are hanging out at your home doing what you normally do on a Sunday, I may only need to be there for a couple of hours. If we are including a location, it will likely be longer. I never put a time limit on Family Films and I don't book anything else in on the day of your session.


Q: How long does it take to put together a Family Film?

A: Anywhere between 10 and 20 hours (sometimes more). This is why I only offer a limited number of Family Film sessions each month.


Q: I have more questions that aren't included here - how can I get more info?

A: Send me through a query here and I will email you back with answers to any questions you may have xx

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