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Outdoor Sessions - what is the best time?

When clients choose to have their sessions outdoors, I get super excited! We are able to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery Victoria has to offer and you are able to see more than the 4 walls of your house - win win!

Your location session can take place at a park, the beach, a forest or anywhere that is meaningful to you!

Q. So what is the best time of day for a location session?

A. Approx 1 hour before sunset. The sun is low enough to not cast harsh shadows on your faces and has a gorgeous golden light!

Tip: if your little one(s) have a sleep during the day, try and stretch it out a little so they will be happy for your session! Otherwise, food is always a great incentive for them too! Haha

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask me!

Megan x

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